New Research in Neuroscience Proves That We Can Become ‘Supernatural’ and Achieve a Truly Incredible Quality of Life...!

Plus Your Invitation to The Power to Achieve 2020 Vision Fire-Walking Weekend

Your 3 brains are like a computer

Our brain is like a computer, but any computer is only as good as the operating system running that computer.

Think of your brain as three brains in one. These three brains allow you to go from THINKING, to DOING, to BEING.

Your 3 brains are:
- The Neocortex (The Thinking Brain)
- The Limbic Brain ( (The Chemical or Experience Brain)
- The Cerebellum (The Being or Identity Brain)

And when YOUR 3 brains are incoherent, YOU ARE LITERALLY IN CONFLICT WITH YOURSELF as different parts of the brain no longer synchronise with each other, leading to a feeling of being ‘out of balance’ or ‘out of control’ or being ‘torn apart’.

When we feel this way there are only 3 things our brain wants to tell our bodies to do RUN, FIGHT or HIDE.

But the truth is it’s much more nuanced than that, as we all have different ways we run, fight or hide in the modern world.
These are called coping mechanisms.

What are Coping Mechanisms?

Think of coping mechanisms like training wheels (or stabilisers) on a bike. When you were a child, they did an exceptional job of keeping you upright and helping you to move forwards on your bike.
Now at some point you learned to be in balance on a bike and move forwards without the need for stabilisers.
However, whilst most adults have removed the physical stabilisers for their bike, they may have failed to do away with their mental and emotional stabilisers (coping mechanisms).
This ensures they are highly likely to repeat mistakes in their personal and professional lives AND jump from one problem to another through emotional reaction, play-it-safe inaction or moreover the wrong action.
The knock-on effect is often disappointing or at best inconsistent results...!
The knock-on effect is often disappointing or at best inconsistent results...!
There is no doubt, YOU personally will have picked up your own individual “stabilisers” or “coping mechanisms” along the way during stressful and turbulent times of loss, rejection or failure.
And like the stabilisers on your bike they worked at the time and kept you upright and moving forwards.

BUT... and this is a BIG BUT

It is these very coping mechanisms (that helped you through difficult times) that are now most likely slowing down your forward progress in your personal and professional life today - especially during times of stress.
Your coping mechanisms might include: Putting things off until the last minute, seeking to control things (and people), getting angry, keeping busy, pleasing others to gain approval, avoiding conflict, not taking opportunities, not speaking your mind, distancing yourself from others, having to keep your options open, diving into your work and avoiding intimacy, beating yourself up, overeating the wrong kinds of foods, or just playing smaller to avoid rejection/failure to name just a few..!

So, what’s the answer?

Are we destined to repeat the experiences, the problems and results of our personal history or can we get behind the wheel and drive ourselves to a new destination – a new destiny?
I believe we can.
By using the power of the 3-brains and effectively updating ‘the operating system of the mind’ AND engaging in a daily ritual that takes just a few minutes, you too can upgrade your life personally and professionally.
You can become happier, healthier, wealthier, embark on a whole new career, start or scale a fantastic business and experience a deeply loving and fulfilling relationship.

Introducing: The Power to Achieve Your 2020 Vision™ Firewalk Event

 The Renaissance Heathrow

The Power to Achieve your 2020 vision™ is an experience unlike any other. It is designed to optimise human potential, it’s the equivalent of an upgrade of the operating system of the mind for those with the appetite to dare to see just what they are capable of.
Power to Achieve your 2020 vision™ is NOT some far-fetched theoretical or philosophical ideology. This is a scientifically proven and practical approach at the neurological, biochemical and genetic level that make your personal and professional life work in a more balanced and coherent way.
Over three insightful days you will discover how you became who you are today. You’ll tap into your innate ability to heal all past and current inner conflicts and release yourself from the expectation of others. You’ll set your inner compass to live your life on your terms AND in coherence with your true identity.
You’ll design your unique vision for 2020 and beyond. But crucially not from a state of division and uncertainty, but from a state of clarity, harmony and creativity that can only come from rewiring your 3-brains and breaking free of the habits and behaviours of our past selves.


(The Thinking Brain Day)
Day one includes a thorough investigation of the thinking, feeling and behavioural patterns of your 3 brains that bind you to conditioning of the past, and the repeating patterns of the future. 
You’ll also begin the individual process of evaluating where you are in your personal and professional life as the starting point for the journey of self-discovery over the next 3 days.
You’ll also learn how to express yourself and your ideas with emotion and power to attract the right people and circumstances into your life to mobilise your vision for 2020 and beyond.
You’ll emerge at the end of the day by bending a metal bar with nothing more than your throat, as a sign of your ability to express your newly renewed physical power to manifest your vision and mission.


 (The Emotional Brain Day)
Day two is about momentum and the emotional power of the limbic (chemical) brain. Understand what drives you and how to rebalance the mind.
You’ll be shown how to create the mind-body coherence to heal the inner conflicts that could slow down your progress, cause division and derail your vision for 2020 and beyond.
This day is also about resilience and the daily rituals that make you bulletproof emotionally and physically.
On this day you’ll also discover how to resolve conflicts around your ability to generate an abundance of money as part of your vision for 2020 and beyond.
But more than this you’ll be shown how to tap into the opportunity that living in the information economy can bring.
At the end of the day you will transform your fears into a powerful drive to succeed by participating in The Fire-Walk experience. 
You don’t have to – but you will almost certainly want to...!
Following a few hours of mental and physical preparation you’ll walk safely and purposefully across 15 feet of hot coals as a demonstration of the power of mind over matter. 


(The Identity Brain Day)
The first two days (while powerful in their own right) are preparation for the final day of personal power and transformation.
On this day you’ll refine your vision for 2020 and beyond and put the finishing touches to your masterpiece.
And then...
During this final day you will be guided through a 4-hour process designed to rewire your 3-brains for success. You’ll also be given the tools to reinforce the positive changes you make each and every day of your life.
The entire event culminates in an unparalleled feeling of clarity and coherence that sets you on the path to turn the 2020 vision you create at The Power to Achieve into a reality.

There are several ticket options available

There are several ticket options available from V.I.P to Premium and even a £17 general admission sponsored ticket (thanks to the generosity and support of several UK businesses)
A Premium ticket enables you to participate fully in the Bar-bend and Fire-Walk experience AND sit in the premium seating section.
V.I.P gives you everything in the premium package, but in addition you’ll enjoy the very best front of house V.I.P seating area, a delicious hot lunch for all 3-days AND access to the exclusive speakers lounge, where you can enjoy all-day refreshments and meet and greet with other likeminded leaders. Your fire-lane will also be led personally by Andy Harrington.
Here are all your ticket options:

Here are all your ticket options


Investment £97 £17
Discount Finishes
14th March

  • The Bar-Bend Experience
  • Entry into Event For All 3-days
  • Sponsored Seating (At back of the Room)
  • Conquer Your Greatest Fear (Online Training)


Investment £397 £77
Discount Finishes
14th March

  • Entry into Event For All 3-days
  • The Bar-Bend Experience.
  • ​The Fire-Walk Experience.
  • ​Premium Seating In front of sponsored
  • FREE Premium Guest Seat
  • Conquer Your Greatest Fear (Online Training)

Here’s what else you’ll discover at Power to Achieve Your 2020 Vision

Self-Made people have empowering beliefs that guide them when the going gets tough. At Power to Achieve Your 2020 vision you’ll create the key beliefs around money and your ability to create and attract it. You’ll leave the event with very strong beliefs around your mission and your own ability to make it happen.

Visualisation, Meditation and positive mental rehearsal are important to every high performing athlete and to self-made people too. At Power to Achieve you’ll be guided through a powerful process that will leave you feeling empowered and focused on the key tasks to bring your project to life and realise your vision.

No one can totally control situations or events from happening, but successful people control their responses to them and the key to this is being able to manage your emotional state.

Making decisions is a necessity of success and self-made people make 10x more daily decisions than Mr. and Mrs. Average. At Power to Achieve you’ll build and exercise your decision-making muscles as you make the life-enhancing choices that will radically shift the quality of your personal and professional life.

Self-Made successful people know what drives them and they know what to do to fuel these drives. In other words, they know their WHY. At Power to Achieve you’ll get crystal clear on what drives you, so it becomes simple to know what to say NO to and what to say YES to without feeling confused or guilty.

Action is the hallmark of a true champion but for the super successful action is never a chore because they do the work they LOVE, and they outsource everything else. At Power to Achieve you’ll know the power of the 80/20 rule, so you stick to doing the 20% of things that get you 80% of your results

Want A Money Back Guarantee? You Got It..!

Power To Achieve comes with a full money back guarantee.
You can attend all three days of The Power to Achieve Your 2020 Vision™ and if you haven’t experienced the time of your life simply contact the team at the event for a full refund on the spot. 

Here’s your ticket options again


Investment £97 £17
Discount Finishes
14th March

  • The Bar-Bend Experience
  • Entry into EventFor All 3-days
  • Sponsored Seating(At back of the Room)
  • Conquer Your Greatest Fear (Online Training)


Investment £397 £77
Discount Finishes
14th March

  • Entry into Event For All 3-days
  • The Bar-Bend Experience.
  • ​The Fire-Walk Experience.
  • ​Premium Seating In front ofsponsored
  • FREE Premium Guest Seat
  • Conquer Your Greatest Fear (Online Training)

Event Information


Renaissance Hotel Heathrow, Bath Rd, Longford, Hounslow TW6 2AQ


Friday 27th - Sunday 29th March


Friday 27th March (9am-8pm)
Saturday 28th March (9am-9pm)
Sunday 29th March (9am-7:00pm)

A Message From The Promoter

With just 500 tickets available for this event and the only date available in the UK this year we anticipate all seats will go very quickly

Questor House, Butterly Avenue, 191 Hawley Road, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1PU